New surface treatment

The surface treatment of our stainless steel filters has been improved. The pickling was replaced by two processes allowing a better resistance to wear and corrosion and improving the appearance.


Performed with microspheres, this treatment allows to get a surface decontaminate from polluting agents presents because of the previous  workings, homogeneous, aesthetically better than the pickling, and with a low surface wrinkledness making it more resistant to the exterior agents.


This is a very important chemical treatment allowing to bring the stainless steel manufactured product back to its original stainless conditions, and to remove any trace of polluting matter due to the workings and to agents as dirt and dusts. This resistance is owed by the unique and inimitable structure of the alloy surface, which is recovered by a layer of passive film made by chromium oxide, which in turn, constitute integral part of the alloy itself.

Furthermore it is possible, upon request, to perform the treatment of ELECTRIC POLISHING which grants a surface appearance perfectly homogeneous, to reduce the wrinkledness making the filter more resistant to the exterior agents. This treatment is ideal for the marine environment, for the food industry, and for the pharmaceutical industry, assuring the highest hygiene and cleanness.