Big Matic is a self-cleaning filter that offers a filtration degree ranging of 32, 12, 7 or 3 µm thanks the particular filter element BM.

BIG MATIC can be composed of batteries of multiple filters and depending on the type of “vessel”,  each filter can contain from  1 to 5 BM elements to meet every flow rate requirement.

The cleaning of the BM filter elements is performed  with empty filter by pressure water jets that hit the filter surface  by draining the impurities out.

During the cleaning cycle, the filter element is placed in rotation by an electric motor and  the intake of clean water  at 5-6 bar pressure is required; this ensures an optimum regeneration ensuring water consumption in a short time (200 seconds).

BIG MATIC filters are supplied complete with pneumatic valves,  pressure gauges and electronic controller.

Specifiche Tecniche

Specifiche Tecniche Big Matic