FDD is a bag filter feeder especially designed to be connected in side stream circuits on HVAC/R piping systems with the purpose of keeping water clean and chemically additivated. FDD are built in stainless steel and are equipped with a filtering bag (with supporting stainless steel strainer closed at the bottom) inside which it is possible to insert conditioners and chemical additives as required.

FDD filters are available in two sizes (“D” and “S”) and are supplied with vent valve on the lid, hand operated purge valve at the bottom end, two manometers and adjustable supporting stand. Lid closure is realized with swing bolts for easy cleaning operation, bag replacement or chemical additives recharge (according to Standards UNI 8065 and UNI 8884 and 97/23/EC Directive).

Specifiche Tecniche

Specifiche Tecniche FDD