Cleaning System

Spraynozzles Technology

SPRAYnozzles technology is especially suitable for processes where suspended solids are difficult to be removed from the filtering element; thanks to pressurized water sprays it is possible to deeply clean the filtering element.

Brush Technology

The filters with Brush technology are equipped with rotating brushes to remove solid particles that have settled on the filtrating element surface; they are suitable for first stage filtration and for process water treatment.

VTO Technology

VTO technology is based upon suction scanning principle to remove solid particles; the combination of rotary and translational movement reduces the number of suction pads and the water consumption during the cleaning cycle.

Flexsuction Technology

SATI innovative FlexSuction system increases the performance of the Suction Scanning technology: thanks to its special flexible parts the suction pad keeps always in touch with the filtrating element, applying the optimal suction force to guarantee maximum cleaning effect.